PDF Accessibility Individual or Bulk

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We can make 1 of your PDF's accessible or we can make every PDF on your website accessible. Contact us about bulk pricing for all your accessible PDF's.

PDF Remediation ADA Section 508

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We will make each one of your PDFs fully ADA Section 508 compliant individually or in bulk. Contact one of our specialist for bulk pricing.

PDF Training Web Accessibility

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Do you want to learn how to test your PDF's for web accessibility issues? We can teach you or your team how to create and/or remediate PDF's.

Accessible PDF White Labeling

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Leverage our knowledge and expertise of the WCAG 2.1 & Section 508 standards for accessible PDF's to help your clients achieve full compliance. 

More than 3000 web accessibility lawsuits filed in 2022

In 2015 there were 50 web accessibility lawsuits and in 2018 there were 2258 web accessibility lawsuits. Then in 2022 there was over 3000 lawsuits filed plus 1000's more under state regulations. After you get sued and pay your lawyer fees, you will still need to make your website ADA Section 508 compliant.

We can help you avoid the ADA Section 508 lawsuits in a number of ways. The best way is to simply let us remediate your website to bring it into full ADA Section 508 compliance.

Laptop screen showing accessible website
Laptop screen showing accessible website

Up to $5000 toward your web accessibility compliance costs

We can get you back $.50 for every $1 that you spent, up to a max of $5,000 back or $10,000 spent? The U.S. Government is offering companies up to $5,000 back towards any remediation you do to your website or software.

So if you are thinking about getting ADA Section 508 compliant then now is the time because you never know how long this web accessibility tax credit will be there. This is essentially a 50% off deal for all of your web accessibility compliance needs.

Why Your PDF's Should Be ADA Section 508 Compliant

  1. Over 1,300,000,000 people (19 million children) in the world live with some sort of disability
  2. Our physical and cognitive abilities are temporary and everybody will become disabled at some point in their life, even you
  3. If you are a government agency or contracting with the government, it's the law your website must be ADA Section 508 compliant
  4. It's the right thing to do and we believe that it's our professional responsibility to the world
  5. It is very easy to design and develop a beautiful website that is fully Section 508 compliant if you do it from the beginning

PDF Accessibility & ADA Section 508 Services

  1. PDF Accessibility Audit - We run our automated and manual accessibility tests on every PDF
  2. PDF Remediation - Let us bring your PDF's into full Section 508 and WCAG compliance
  3. White Labeling - Hire us to do the PDF Accessibility work under your companies umbrella
  4. Hourly Consulting - Already have a handle on PDF accessibility and just have a few questions, talk to an expert
  5. Web Accessibility Online Courses - We have created a full course dedicated to PDF accessibility. Contact us to apply!



Download a free web accessibility checklist to get started on understanding how to make your website compliant. This checklist will show you exactly what it takes to be fully Section 508 compliant. If you can check off each and every box in this list, you can consider your website fully compliant to all ADA Section 508 standards.