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An Accessibility Object Model for Meaningful Markup

When it comes to web accessibility, meaningful markup is important. It includes semantics for browsers so they know how various things function. Accessibility Object Model suggestions are comprised of ways to incorporate semantics right into JavaScript without markup. This article will address those suggestions and where they currently stand. More than Just HTML In short, […]

Web Accessibility Standards

I will breakdown every Web Accessibility Standard provided from the W3C by giving you the beginner version of that particular guideline. The (WCAG) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a list of Web Accessibility Standards that were put in place by (WAI) Web Accessibility Initiative of the (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium. The W3C is the […]

Web Accessibility Contrast Checker

A good and reliable Web Accessibility Contrast Checker is a very important tool in my accessibility toolbox. A contrast checker is one of the goto tools I use when I am running an accessibility audit or if I’m designing a website. The good news is that there are a ton of contrast ratio checkers available […]

What Is Section 508 Compliance

The most common question I get from all of the talks I give is simply “How do I make my website ADA Section 508 compliant?”. I think the best way to answer that question is to explain what ADA Section 508 is. After you understand what Section 508 is you should have a better understanding […]